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People with death in their eyes are swept along by the rushing violence of the waterfall of time
But he who has seen eternity
even once
let us say in a flash of the sun in a dew-drop on the wing of a passing bird
Such a one
leafes through the book of his life at leisure
Sometimes the bird comes to sit on his shoulder

Time ripens us like fruit
Only the ripening is painful
The being eaten is a joy
It is the joy of having become
The joy of the Eaten and the Eater
Finally come together

Ask questions love
Be like a child
The answer
the always leaving semi-conscious answer semi-transparent
yes the word is LUCID
The answer
the battered wrinkled butterfly half-dazed half-dead
unrecognizable unwanted
The answer
will come ha ha when you forget the question
turn back the page the question is and now the answer
You see you’ve scattered words between us
When you are with me you will never want to turn the page and look for useless answers
(but yes I every time an almost sweetsoaked time forget that I am gone forever one page ahead and that we are together in another book a whiter book where pages have no numbers a bluer better book you’ll never write
until you do…
And words are all you get
the pain of thirst and beauty of pain and thirst for beauty of the pain…

The wind the wind my love you chose yourself the Wind of Time
It drives me on across the sky my love across the sky…

Meanwhile for you so clean and clear will be the air
the grass and trees will seem to wave like hair
or seaweed or another word forgotten
try to remember try…

and a water
and a sleep

If immortality is immobility
I refuse to be immortal…


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